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Omega Speaker Systems

Omega Speaker Systems offers a full line of single driver loudspeakers, each personally designed and hand built by me in Norwalk Connecticut. My philosophy is simple: every speaker is built from custom designed parts and cabinets to maximize performance at all price points. It is not a cookie cutter approach, where off the shelf parts are merely assembled together. I conceive, design, and construct my proprietary cabinet alignment algorithm, proprietary driver designs, four layer cabinet construction, and product assembly with a singular vision.

Every Omega speaker is designed to bring you closer to the original musical performance. With over 20 years of professional speaker building experience, 11 of which have been devoted to single driver designs, it is fair to say that I have accumulated plenty of real world experience. This experience helps guide me in building on the unique benefits inherent in single driver speakers (open & coherent sound stage). It also enables me in eliminating the sonic deficiencies you may have experienced while listening to mass market, or DIY single driver speakers, such as weak bass and rolled off highs. My speakers deliver detail, speed, dynamics, and above all, musical involvement beyond anything you would expect, at comparable price points.

When you purchase a pair of Omega loudspeakers, you know my fingerprints are all over them, literally! Give me a call and we can discuss your budget and needs. My phone number is: (203) 847-2800. I would be glad to help you determine which Omega product is right for your electronics, listening room and musical taste.


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