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J.C. Verdier

J.C. Verdier are a craftsman's company.
It means that, in France, they maintain traditional methods of work. From the level of conception of our products to their making (production), J.C. Verdier’s method is always the same and it sums up in the words of simplicity and excellence.

None of the apparatus of our variety contain unnecessary complexity but, at the contrary aim at the most direct, at the most simple ; and when it means to choose the components or the materials J.C. Verdier always take the ones that have made proof and that prove they were the best with use. Fortunately, they aren't always the most expensive.

This also means that J.C. Verdier work with team spirit and that everyone founds its place in it bringing it's own competence and profits of the experience of the other members of the team. In this company, no command, no order, no planning, each acts as one pleases. It should be a disorder, a bump, in fact, not at all. All the parts of our efforts fit together and the result is at the end.

J.C. Verdier are a Craftsman 's company specialized in the making of turntables for vinyl records and vacuum tubes amplifiers. Little by little they take place on these markets renowned difficult and we succeeded in being considered as a world reference of extreme quality concerning one product : the " Platine Verdier " that is now appreciated everywhere and copied by 20 counterfeiting makers.

Concerning J.C. Verdier’s vacuum tube amplifiers, their award winning model equipped with 300B is gaining a very strong reputation because of its refinements ; it is the most efficient in its category. J.C. Verdier hope, very soon, a complete recognition of the merits of this product.

J.C. Verdier are a craftsman's company, happy, because they live well with the selling of the products and this encourages J.C. Verdier continually to do their best again and again for the greatest happiness of our clients.



Power Amplifier 300B LuxeII

Preamp-Control B Evolution

Power Amp-845 Luxe

ntegrated-275DE Control



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