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GrooveMaster II |

Audio Creative – GrooveMaster II (Made in Netherlands)

The Audio Creative GrooveMaster II 12" transcription tonearm is a result of long time building, testing tweaking and listening...

The genesis of the GrooveMaster II lies in the 1950’s. In those days, high quality playback equipment was needed for mastering engineers, recording studios, music executives, broadcast networks, and wealthy connoisseurs. Previous equipment could not play back microgroove records without introducing massive noise and damaging the vinyl. The "transcription record player", as we think of it, came into existence.

These "transcription record players" allowed for high fidelity playback of microgroove vinyl. This equipment was meant to last a lifetime, and and was built with little regard for expense. The GrooveMaster II is developed according to the same standards as these classics.

The GrooveMaster II can be used in combination with many turntables. Obviously, the arm is designed to give amazing results when used with transcription turntables like the Garrard 301 and 401, and Thorens TD124. But the arm will be a great partner for many turntables, old and new. When you are building a nice Lenco L75, like this PTP Lenco in the picture, the GrooveMaster II will be an excellent partner.

The GrooveMaster II is a heavyweight, with an effective mass of approximately 22 grams. It can hold low to medium compliance cartridges up to 20 ​µm/mN. It is a natural partner for low compliance cartridges, like the DL103 and Ortofon SPU.

Development of the GrooveMaster II - 60 Years of Lessons
In our research to develop the GrooveMaster II tonearm, we kept a few things in mind: How were classic tonearms designed? How did they determine what improvements were needed? Were those improvements successful? What measurements did the engineers make? Did they limit themselves due to materials? Did they limit themselves based on manufacturing technologies available in the '50s? All analog equipment is built on the backs of giants. Most lessons have already been learned by the great engineers of the past, though many of those lessons are forgotten with time and "new technology". In the 21st century, some things can be done faster, much more accurately, using better machine tools, on higher grade materials. With this in mind, and many hours of building, tweaking, listening, redesign, and more listening, the Audio Creative GrooveMaster II was born.

GrooveMaster II tonearm can come with either SME style sliding mount or Jelco style mount to be used with different turntables. The tonearm includes Audio Creative high quality headshell made with ebony solid wood block, which has handy azimuth adjustment.

• Titanium tonearm tube
• Ultra low friction Semi-Ceramic bearing
• Cardas or 100% Pure Silver tonearm wire
• Jelco tonearm lift
• Custom headshell connector
• Custom PTFE 5 pin tonearm cable connector
• Mounting sjablone & Arc protractor included


GrooveMaster II


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